Organization & Home Maintenance Tips

7 Essential Organizing Rules

There are countless theories and strategies on how to be more organized, but sometimes it helps to boil it all down to some basic concepts.  According to House Beautiful, these are seven essential rules of organizing.

  1. Keep like with like.  Keep things logical by storing similar items together.  Stay away from “catch-all” areas.
  2. Think before you buy.  Resist impulse buys and figure out where a new item will go before you make the purchase.
  3. Honor your memories – then throw them out.  Unless the item is sacred, toss it, especially paper items like old concert

F.A.Q.s – Buyers

FAQ - Buyers

I came across this list of questions and answers while navigating through the CityWorth Properties website.  The content below is provided courtesy of their website (  This is very valuable information for any buyer looking for a new home.

Q:  Is an older home as good a value as a new home?
A:  This is really just a matter of preference, but both newer and older homes offer distinct advantages, depending upon your unique taste and lifestyle.

Older homes can generally cost less than new homes, however, there are many cases where new homes can also cost less then older …

Home Search Worksheet

Before you begin your home search, you need to have a clear idea of what you want.  This will save you and your Realtor a lot of headaches and time.  Below is a worksheet that you can use to write down your wish list of features.  Make sure to send a copy to your Realtor when you’re done.

HomeSearchWorksheet – Realtor.Com

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Many real estate professionals are buyer specialists focused on helping you successfully land and
finance your dream home. One benefit of using their services is gaining the inside track on listings
right when they come on the market – in fact, sometimes even before they’re on the market. And
that’s just the beginning.

Buyer specialists will:

  • Educate you about Buyer Agency, outlining their professional responsibilities to you, including complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience and Accountability
  • Help you explore your financing options and, if required, refer you to the right mortgage professionals to help you make