Brookwood Manor Subdivision

As of this posting, the home located at 1315 Barnsley Walk in the Brookwood Manor is on the market for an asking price of $382,900.  Please see below for a brief summary of the listing details.Brookwood Manor - Listing

Brookwood Manor – Subdivision Property Characteristics

Based on the numbers below, you will see that Brookwood Manor is a fairly large subdivision with over 200 homes.  The average age of houses in this established neighborhood is 28 years.  Some buyers see this as a bad thing because fixtures, wiring and appliances may be outdated.  Other buyers don’t mind just as long as the home …

Bridlegate Subdivision – Snellville, Ga

These are the active listings in the Bridlegate Subdivision (as of the date of this posting):Bridlegate Subdivision - ListingsThe Bridlegate Subdivision is in the Shiloh school system.  Below is some information from the National Center for Education Statistics for Shiloh elementary, middle and high schools.  You can also click here to be taken to a website where you can find your schools’ ranking.
Bridlegate Subdivision - Shiloh School System

Subdivision Property Characteristics:

Bridlegate Subdivision Property Characteristics

Subdivision Sales Data & History.

I’m always reminding my buyers that they need to make sure they do their homework and confirm all information regarding any listing in which they’re interested.  Of course, I’m always there …

Bridle Point Subdivision – Snellville, Ga

Bridle Point Subdivision is one of the neighborhoods in my immediate service area.  Here are the active listings as of today:BridlePoint-Listings

I always advise my clients that the onus ultimately falls on them to confirm all listing details and property information before they close the deal.  This is where I swoop in to help as their real estate professional since I have access to tools that aren’t as easily accessible to the general public.  You will notice that in the 2 listings above, 2 different school systems are notated for these homes in the same subdivision.  This is definitely something …

Bridgewater Subdivision

Active Listing (as of today):Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 5.04.11 PM

The Bridgewater Subdivision is located in the award winning Brookwood School District.  Below is some information on each of the schools printed in the listing:BridgewaterSubSchools

The Bridgewater Subdivision Property Characteristics:Bridgewater-SPC

Bridgewater Sales & History Data:Bridgewater2

Bridgewater Subdivision Appraisal Values – courtesy of the county records.  Please note that the actual appraisal value that you pay for when you get a home loan is usually much higher than the county appraised values.Bridgewter3

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